For those wondering

I had a little time on my hands today so I went searching the legal tomes to see how the various civil legal actions (you need to click on the + or Рsigns to view the various lists) are going against those accused of selling Firepower shares. It looks like the cases against some are being separated out, as each seeks to distance themselves from Tim Johnston. Here you will see that the allegations against Les Stein Рthe former chief judge of the WA planning appeal tribunal, a former professor of law and close friend of the deputy leader of the Liberal Party, Julie Bishop Рwill be heard soon. The main argument seems to be about when Mr Stein received his shares, some which he is then alleged to have sold through his private company Sattvic. He is concerned about the on-going damage to his reputation caused by the Firepower affair. No surprise there. Tim Johnston has helped destroy more than reputations. As you will read in my book, Mr Stein was once the legal adviser to Firepower and he has told me in the past that he took copious legal advice at the time that everything he was doing was above-board and perfectly legal.

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