The sordid truth

At the risk of ┬ábeing accused of pointing to favourable articles allow me to direct everyone to today’s opinion section of the Sydney Morning Herald. Good to see someone peering past just the sporting heroes who were misled and pointing the finger of blame towards the government authorities who stood idly by and allowed this mess to occur. You gotta ask: why?

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  1. John says:

    The fact that the authorities have failed to slap a fraud charge against Tim Johnston and his wife has always amazed me. By the time they actually get around to doing something Johnston will have blown everything and have lived the good life to the hilt. Albeit a different situation it is interesting to note the contrast to the “Madoff” situation in the USA where the authorities acted quickly to recognise a criminal and took firm action to ensure he was removed from circulation. The longer he is left out on the streets the more people he will continue to hurt. We need to be concerned for what he has done but equally concerned for what he will do next.
    By the way I have not read you book but will keep an eye out for a copy!

  2. Alberto Rosso says:

    The SMH article is written by Sheehan which is ironic given his promotion of “Magic Water”…

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