More hope for shareholders

Perth’s Sunday Times newspaper has an interesting article suggesting there could be new legal actions taking place shortly against those who sold Firepower shares. Probably more significantly are the comments from Firepower liquidator Bryan Hughes that he might force the key figures in the company collapse to be publicly examined. But of course the person with most of the answers – Tim Johnston – is still overseas.

2 Responses to “More hope for shareholders”

  1. Phoebe Garland says:

    keep us posted on this BTW your book is getting outstanding reviews – congratulations!

  2. Manny says:

    What is pathetic is that ASIC and IMF are going after the low hanging fruit and not chasing Johnston. From what I read in your book Hill, Anderson and Stein did nothing wrong except sold shares. There is no hint they were fraudulent or knew that Johnston was a crook. It is a technical attack so it can give no shareholder satisfaction. Anyway, recover from Anderson? Fat chance? Just google his background. And Stein is a top lawyer – who’d want to take him on. So it is just an attempt by ASIC to be – as Twiggy said – Just ASIC. And IMF – how are they going to sue with the ASIC case going on and didn’t I read there was going to be a settlement by some brokers? This is all – excuse my French – bullshit. These are not the bad guys and they are being made to look that way.

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