What $40 will buy

Fascinating story in The West Australian on Saturday that unfortunately isn’t posted on the internet. It tells the tale of a Perth internet cafe owner Henk Beugelaar who purchased a job-lot of items at the Firepower liquidation sale. One of the items was a computer that, when fired up, spat out about 9,000 emails and documents – a small glimpse of the early history of Firepower in Perth. The newspaper devoted three pages to the saga, emphasising the continuing interest in Australia’s most spectacular fraud. ┬áLots of pervy detail but you will need to read my book to understand the characters talked about. People like the Chinese gentleman who played a key role in the unfolding drama. Haven’t you ever wondered why Firepower’s symbol was a fire-breathing dragon? For the sake of a link, here’s more on the disintegration of the Western Force.

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  1. Henk Beugelaar says:

    I find it funny to see how the media describes me as a happy hippy. I spend 3 months investigating the firepower server computer and have now placed it on the internet.

    I did a hardcopy printout for the AU government and now he is busted because of my work.

    I am not an egotist but don’t like to be taken for an idiot.

    The download is at http://www.mininova.org/tor/3158221

    No offence meant.

    Henk Beugelaar

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