House for sale

Only days after Tim Johnston complained that ASIC had ruined his life (eh? … then where are the criminal charges ASIC has been supposedly working on for the last three years?) Johnston’s wife has put her house up for sale. Sandra Johnston, nee Meeks, purchased the house on the Gold Coast for $4.7 million in late 2006 – at the height of the Firepower fraud – and it was there that Johnston famously returned to from England. The house is described as a “majestic 100 square home of absolute indulgence” that “offers every amenity the successful entrepreneur could wish for”.

Word has it that the Johnstons are now keen to downsize and are shopping around for an apartment in Sydney. The Johnstons’ two daughters are rumoured to favour a transfer from their private university in Perth to a more suitable educational establishment in the east.

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