All the news that’s fit to print

The Sunday Times in Perth has been cutting it up on Firepower lately. This is the paper’s latest offering on the subject. Tim Johnston’s two daughters have become quite the celebrities, it seems. But have you ever wondering why it took the Perth media so long to jump on the Firepower story? There were many apologetic pieces written about Johnston in the first 12 months. Even a few suggestions that the yawning criticism by the SMH was a product of “eastern media” paranoia. Instead of recognising a really great story of international significance right in their own backyard, Perth’s finest – like our corporate regulator and the various national sporting organisations – seemed content to adopt the theory that Firepower was anything other than a fraud.

Well, perhaps I can provide some of the answers when I publish a list of Firepower shareholders later this year. Sure, we know some of the names. But do we know them all?

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