First arrest

Police have finally made their first arrest over the $100 million Firepower scandal but the surprise is it’s not any of the people responsible for diddling mums and dads. Instead, police have charged a Perth real estate agent with attempting to extort money from Firepower chief Tim Johnston.

Gold Coast detectives flew to Perth this week with a warrant for the arrest of Maxwell Raymond Healy over the alleged extortion attempt, which the West Australian reports was made last month.

3 Responses to “First arrest”

  1. Maxattacked says:

    Mr Healy’s past was documented beautifully in the West Australian. I’m from Bindoon, where Max has made many people seriously unhappy over a number of incidents. The common term is a ‘Max-attack’.

    Alan Bond’s mate, and saviour? Enemy of Connell over the Hobby Horse scandal? A pigeon fancier? Google the Auslii database and check out Max’s real estate record. It is very interesting.

    Nothing would surprise me.

  2. arty says:

    This is misleading as this is not the “first arrest” as this bloke thought Johnston was an easy mark after he said how he buckled under Anderson pressure and has nothing to do with the saga. I noticed in the paper that the liquidator said over 2 mil of the stuff was sold. What is that about if the stuff was phony? Maybe some of it worked. I find the reporting really unclear and contradictory. I for one have lost interest in it and you won’t see me trawling around for info.

  3. smithy says:

    arty may have lost interest but that doesnt mean everyone else has, gerard. I have also found the reporting on firepower extremely clear and never contradictory. not sure what he’s on about. and, clearly, healy is the “first arrest”, unless arty can name another? i think what the paper was pointing out was the irony that the first person arrested in the entire saga is someone who actually managed to rip off Johnston and not vice versa…

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