Heat still on

THE corporate regulator and liquidator of failed fuel technology company Firepower will begin poring over five days of Tim Johnston’s startling evidence in an attempt to determine if legal action will be pursued.

This week saw the end of five days of examination of the Firepower boss in the Federal Court in Perth, but the Australian Securities & Investments Commission has reserved the right to recall Mr Johnston if necessary.

Meanwhile Johnston has told the ABC that none of it was his fault and he is very sorry everyone lost their money. He also spun another line about working for Green Power. In fact, my sources say he hasn’t been seen anywhere near Green Power for quite some time.

Won’t be long now before another big name emerges – caught up in the on-going soap opera. For now, let’s just say the guy who was recently off skiing with Putin.

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  1. ken gracey says:

    So he is back to being Mr Cocky again, Tim you are amazing. Working hard with the investors money, how many times have we heard that line, more likely working hard spending your money on toys for himself his wife and daughters.

    Sadly history, always repeats its self, and no matter what his next venture is somebody will get burnt, and it wont be Tim.

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