“Grave” man denies Johnston’s story

A man Firepower boss Tim Johnston says was abducted by a group of bikies at the behest of property developer Warren Anderson has dismissed the claim as ridiculous.

“It’s actually ridiculous. It’s a bit offensive really, there’s no substance to it whatsoever,” Nairn told ABC radio. Funny that.

2 Responses to ““Grave” man denies Johnston’s story”

  1. ken gracey says:

    Well what can i say your Honour, I rest my case

  2. Colin Jacobs says:

    The ABC article implies Johnston just had a bit of bad luck – no mention his company was a giant scam, and they present his claim of living in modest poverty without comment.

    It’s hard to understand why nobody has the courage to use the word “conman”, given the overwhelming evidence that they never had a product to begin with.

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