Tales of kidnap, digging graves

Firepower chief Tim Johnston has accused property mogul Warren Anderson of organising the chilling underworld-style kidnapping of an accountant who had refused to relinquish ownership of the intellectual rights to the fuel technology company’s controversial additives.
In a sensational day of evidence at the Federal Court in Perth, Johnston admitted that Firepower’s parent company, based in the British Virgin Islands, had never owned the rights to the fuel additives despite 1300 investors plowing their savings into it.
The scheduled five-day hearing has been extended to a date to be fixed to give Mr Johnston time to produce and be questioned on documents that he said he would seek to find and pass on to the liquidator.

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  1. ken gracey says:

    What a crock of CRAP, TIM TIM TIM, OMG, at least your memory is still intact, the story of somebody digging their own grave at the hands of bikie, was part of an urban myth, told to you maybe 11 years ago, I cant believe you would peddle this crap 10 years later in a court case, TIM give it up mate.. keep those stories for the next camp fire meeting, to scare the little kids while they toast their marshmallows.

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