A dramatic few days

I picked a bad time to go overseas on business, given all the the drama over the past few days. It began on Thursday when, as predicted, Firepower boss Tim Johnston failed to turn up to court. That led to an application for his arrest. The usual delaying tactics continued when Johnston applied for further leave to have his heart examined – stress and fear for his safety apparently. The new deadline appears to be Tuesday, when the Federal Court will sit again to discuss whether or not he is able to front the court and face a public examination over the $100 million collapse of Firepower. Even his old mate Warren Anderson is wondering what’s going on.

One Response to “A dramatic few days”

  1. ken gracey says:

    He has alway had a massive fear of confrontation, I have seen him escape down service elevators in China, to avoid it.

    TIM, Grow some balls mate, and for once in your life face the music, this time, unlike every other time, the problem will not disappear by simply sticking your head in the sand, those days are long gone.

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