Will he or won’t he?

Angry investors hope discredited Firepower boss Tim Johnston will face a very public humiliation in Perth this week, reports The Sunday Times. Johnston, who fled Australia owing millions amid the spectacular collapse of his controversial fuel-additive company, is due to be quizzed in the Federal Court on Thursday. He will be questioned about the missing millions by a legal team headed by liquidator Bryan Hughes. Johnston is also likely to face an angry mob who lost money investing in the magic pill he claimed could increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. 

There has been growing speculation that Johnston may not make his first appearance in Perth since March last year, when he left the country. If he does not turn up at the Federal Court, without an excuse, by 10.15am investigators will ask for a summons to be issued for his arrest. But he could send a “sick note” through lawyers, asking to be excused from the hearing.

My sources tell me that Johnston spent some of this week in Manly, Sydney after being reunited with his ex-French Foreign Legion bodyguard. Those same sources allege the same bodyguard was once shared by the slain stand-over man Michael McGurk. Not at the time of the slaying, it should be said.

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  1. ken gracey says:

    And of course the Answer was NO, why am I not surprised… But his excuse was a Heart Condition ? Wow he had me fooled, I actually thought you had to have a Heart to have a Heart Condition.

    The teflon man survives another day

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