Johnston wants passport back

He’s only been back a week, but already Tim Johnston wants to leave our shores.┬áThe Firepower chief walked back into the spotlight yesterday for the first time in 18 months, making a brief appearance in a Brisbane court. His hair was noticeably greyer than two years ago when he rubbed shoulders with prime ministers and sporting stars and spruiked a magic pill for cars with the false promise it would cut fuel consumption.In the Federal Court yesterday his lawyer said he would ask for the return of Mr Johnston’s passport so he could travel overseas for business – a prospect that alarms the liquidator of the failed fuel additive company. Read on.

4 Responses to “Johnston wants passport back”

  1. Graeme Hill says:

    The way things are going Gerard you will need to write a sequel.

  2. Colin Jacobs says:

    Good work covering the case – I especially like the forthrightness of you and your editor in stating that the magic pull was an outright hoax. These days, it’s hard to fund such unequivocal language in a newspaper.

  3. jay says:

    I think Johnston may have come back at this time guessing that authorities are not ready to charge him. He seems to have caught people a bit flatfooted, or at the very least, offguard. He may have a strategy of waiting a few weeks and then asking for his passport back. If authorities have not taken any action against him, even with loads of opportunity, I wonder what would happen.

  4. Matt says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe Johnston came back because he has nothing to hide?
    Time will tell, though i suspect the REAL truth is going to come out soon.
    uh oh.

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