Johnston in Queensland

Elusive Firepower boss Tim Johnston has been served with an injunction that will force him to stay in Australia to face questions over the $100 million collapse of the fuel technology company, according to the West Australian. And here’s more from the Brisbane Times.

Of course, you never know with Tim Johnston. I’ve been inundated with rumours of his leaving the country. He allegedly has three passports. Equally, I have been reassured he is holed up in his $5 million house at Donegal Crescent, Sorrento. That’s Sorrento on the Gold Coast, not Victoria.

5 Responses to “Johnston in Queensland”

  1. Joe S says:

    Sorrento on the Gold Coast? I got excited, thought it might have been Sorrento in Perth. I was about to drive over there!

  2. ken gracey says:

    Gerard, we all know how arrogant Tim is, I knew he would come back, the guy is Mr Teflon, he thinks nothing sticks to him, and when and, if he ever faces court, he will simply say the business was fantastic, until you started investigating, and it was you and the SMH that destroyed firepower now HIM. I have heard it all before, and i am sure i will hear it all again.

    Ps which passport will he surrender, his NZ or Australian one?

  3. jay says:

    He has been overseas long enough to get more passports than just Australia and New Zealand

  4. Deirdre C says:

    Maybe Mr Arrogant has made a mistake and justice will be served. However, dont hold your breath – he is as slippery as jelly on a spoon.
    Well done on your reporting and your book.

  5. larry says:

    keep up the good work gerard..

    I hope asic gets moving and tim johnston ends up in court soon

    i never invested any money with his company, but i hope that tim finally gets punished for all his wrong actions….

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